Organization of conferences/Workshops                            & reviewing activities


Memeber of the Programme Committee of the 22nd International Conference on Speech and Computer (SPECOM 2020), October 06-10, 2020, St. Petersburg, Russia.

Reviewing activity for the Journal of the International Phonetic Association (JIPA).



Co-organization of the 1st International Seminar on the Foundations of Speech (SEFOS): BREATHING, PAUSING, AND VOICE, University of Southern Denmark, Denmark. (

Reviewing activity for the Annual Conference of the International Speech Communication Association (Interspeech)



Co-organization of the workshop DIMA VIII (Annotation guidelines for German intonation), University of Southern Denmark, Denmark

Reviewing activity for the International Journal of Anatomical Variations (IJAV)


Co-organization and program committee of the workshop Prosody and Meaning (PaM), University of Konstanz, Germany


Co-organization of the 38th Annual Conference of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Sprachwissenschaft (German Linguistic Society), University of Konstanz, Germany


Co-Organization of the 10th Conference of Phonetics and Phonology in the German-speaking area (P&P 10), University of Konstanz, Germany