research interests

Phonetics, Prosody (of emotions), Intonation, Psycholinguistics, Sociophonetics, Prosody-discourse interface

  • My current project and personal interest focuses on the realisation and perception of both written and spoken hate speech.
  • Now I am part of the Acoustics-in-Production group who focus on the psycho-acoustic aspects of sound signals, noise perception, digital communication, and industrial sound design. This enables me to conduct physiological measurements (breathing patterns, skin conductance response, EEG, heart rate, ...) and to analyse participants' stress level if they are presented with hate speech. 
  • My research focuses on fine phonetic details of the production of rhetorical questions in different contexts and whether the perception of specific cues (identified on the basis of speech production) are associated with a rhetorical illocution, such as voice quality.
  • Since I consider rhetorical questions as a context-dependent, emotionally loaded and sarcastic phenomenon, I am interested in how specific prosodic characteristics change in different contexts. In this regard, it is not only interesting to focus on the interplay between characteristics such as voice quality, pitch accent type and duration, but also on context as an influencing parameter.
  • I am very much into rhetorical questions as an emotionally loaded and context dependent phenomenon, sarcasm and irony. For my research, I use Eye Tracking (Experiment Builder, EyeLink 1000 Plus), forced choice perception tasks, judgement tasks, and I conducted and analysed numerous production experiments.